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Welcome to the documentation for .fmbot.

.fmbot is an open sourced bot used for accessing statistics from Last.FM.


  • Allows users to access various statistics from lastfm, such as scrobbles, profile stats, and more!
  • Resizable charts allow users to display their music taste in any way they want
  • Avatar changes based on what people are listening to. Anyone can get featured!
  • Customize how your fm command looks by changing it with the .fmset command
  • Add friends and see what your friends are listening to with one simple command
  • See what friends listen to artists with the whoknows command
  • Get the Spotify, Youtube or Genius link for any song

.fmbot is written in C# and uses .NET Core 3.1.

Inviting the bot

Click here to invite the bot to your own server.

Click here to join our support server.

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