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Music bot scrobbling

Bot scrobbling is a new feature from .fmbot that allows you to automatically scrobble music from other Discord music bots to your account.

The feature works fully automatic. Simply start listening to music using a supported bot and .fmbot will scrobble it for users in that voice channel.

The bot will only scrobble songs it can find on The scrobbling works best with Spotify songs, although it will also attempt to find songs from other sources like YouTube.

Currently supported bots:

  • Groovy
  • Other bots coming soon


  • Make sure .fmbot can see the voice channel
  • Make sure you've logged in at least once using .fmlogin


Use this command to disable/enable bot scrobbling for your account or to check if you are ready for scrobbling.



.fmbotscrobbling on

.fmbotscrobbling off