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A crown is an award that you get if you're the #1 listener for a certain artist in a server.

To get crowns you can use .fmwhoknows.

Crown server settings are available here. Leaving a server resets all your crowns for that server.

.fmcrowns (.fmcws)

Shows your top crowns or crowns for a user you're searching for.




.fmcrowns @frikandel

.fmupdate 125740103539621888

.fmcrown (.fmcw)

Shows the current crown owner and crown history for the artist you're currently listening to or searching for.




.fmcrown the beatles

.fmcrown kanye west

.fmcrownleaderboard (.fmcwlb)

Shows the users with the most crowns on your server.




Looking for automatic crowns, crown settings and ways to moderate crowns on your server? That's available here in the server setting section.