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Getting your latest scrobbles


Shows your last 1 or 2 scrobbles, either in embed or text format.

You can set how your .fm embed looks with the .fmmode command.


  • User - A username or a user in your server.



.fm @user

.fm lastfmusername

Tip: You can click the embed title to go to the users Last.FM profile.

If you want .fmbot to add reactions to this command, please see .fmserverreactions.

.fmrecent (.fmr)

Shows your latest scrobbles.


  • Amount - Number of scrobbles. Can only be between 1 and 10. Defaults to 5.
  • User - A username or a user in your server.




.fmrecent 10

.fmrecent 5 user

.fmstreak (.fmstr)

Shows your track, album or artist streak.




.fmoverview (.fmo)

Shows you an overview of your top track, album and artist for the last few days.


  • Amount - Number of days to show. Can only be between 1 and 8. Defaults to 4.




.fmoverview 8

.fmpace (.fmpc)

Shows you an estimate of when you will reach a certain amount of plays.


  • Amount - Number of plays you want to reach
  • Time period - Time you want to base the estimate on. Defaults to your register date.
  • User

Time periods: weekly, monthly, quarterly, half, yearly or alltime. (w, m, q, h, y or a)




.fmpace a 73k

.fmpace 50000 quarterly

.fmmilestone (.fmms)

Shows you your latest scrobble milestones.


  • Amount - Milestone you want to check
  • User



.fmms 30k


.fmmilestone 20k

.fmmilestone 1337 @frikandel