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Welcome to .fmbot! .fmbot is a social Discord bot that provides music statistics for you, your friends, and your fellow server members.

Main features:

  • Show your friends what you're listening to by using .fm
  • Customize your .fm to make it unique by using .mode
  • Generate advanced charts based on your listening history
  • Get the Spotify, Youtube, or Genius link for any song
  • View all your statistics through deep integration with
  • Scrobble songs that other Discord bots are playing to your account with our Bot scrobbling

Social features:

  • Use WhoKnows in your server to see who listens to artists and compete for crowns!
  • See what music is trending in your server for various time periods
  • Compare your taste with others and see who has the most similar music taste
  • Add friends and see what they've been listening to
  • Bot avatar changes based on what people are listening to. Anyone can get featured!

This bot requires a account to work.

To connect your account, simply use the command .login

Extra information

.fmbot is trusted by over 100.000 servers, has over 250.000 registered users, and is used more than 250.000 times every day.

It is written in C#, uses Discord.Net and .NET 6. The code is completely open-source, so anyone can see how it works and modify it themselves.

The bot is non-commercial and is hosted and maintained by volunteers. You can help us cover hosting and other costs by getting .fmbot supporter.

Thanks to ngrok for providing us with a free subscription of their tunneling software.