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Getting started

To view a list of all available commands, use the sidebar. The basic commands to get started are listed below.

.fmbot uses to get information about your music taste. Don't have a account? You can create one here.

For more information on connecting to Spotify other music services, please click here.

Note that .fmbot is not associated with, we simply use their API. For issues with you can check out their support forums.

Have an issue with the bot you need help with? Please check the Frequently Asked section first.


This command connects your account to .fmbot.

After using this command the bot will DM you a link where you can allow access to your account.

Not receiving a DM from .fmbot when using this command? Please check if you have DMs enabled in the servers privacy settings.



Please note that users in shared servers will be able to see and request your username.

To delete all your data from .fmbot, including friends and other settings, use .remove.


This command allows you to change how your .fm command looks.


  • Mode - Default mode for .fm. Defaults to embedfull.
  • Playcount - Playcount mode for .fm. Defaults to none.

Modes: embedfull, embedmini, textfull, textmini.

Playcounts: track, album or artist. Playcounts are only available on embed modes.


.mode embedmini artist

.mode embedfull

.mode textmini

.mode embedmini track