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Getting started

.fmbot uses to get information about your music taste.

To use .fmbot, you need a account, which you can create here.

You can connect your to your Spotify here.

For more information on connecting other music services, please click here for more information.

Note that .fmbot is not associated with

Setting your Username



  • Username - Your Last.FM username.
  • Mode - Default mode for .fm. Defaults to embedfull.
  • Playcount - Playcount mode for .fm. Defaults to none.

Modes: embedfull, embedmini, textfull, textmini.

Playcounts: track, album or artist.


.fmset frikandel_

.fmset frikandel_ embedfull

.fmset frikandel_ artist

.fmset frikandel_ embedmini track

Please note that users in shared servers will be able to see and request your username.

To delete all your data from .fmbot, including friends and other settings, use .fmremove.

Logging in


.fmlogin is a new and easy way of logging in. This command is more error-proof and allows for new commands that interact with your profile.