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How do I set my username?

Please see .fmlogin.

Commands are showing the wrong songs

Please check your profile to see if it matches the command output. We get our data from and if something is wrong with the data its almost always on their end.

I have an issue with

We are not affiliated with This bot only uses their API to show you and your friends their statistics.

If you have issues with, we'd suggest you to check out their support forums

The bot is offline

It could be that it just happens to be updating. If it stays down, please join the support server and ping one of the developers.

What is the difference between the normal bot and the develop bot?

The develop bot is used to test new fixes and functionality before they go to the normal bot. This is usually announced in #announcements.

This bot can have more downtime and bugs than the normal bot, so that is something to keep in mind. The bots currently share the same database, so switching is easy.

I like this bot

Cool, great to hear.

I don't like this bot

:( Please let us know why in the support server.

Or make your own Last.FM bot! You can export all guild members into a handy json format using .fmgetmembers, so your friends don't have to re-set their usernames.

Can I support the bot?

To support us financially, check out our OpenCollective. All donations will go towards bot expenses and we will provide full transparency about where your money goes.

If you are familiar with C# / .NET you can also help us out and pick up one of the open issues. Please check out our contributing guidelines first.

Why does this bot exist?

This bot was made by BitL back in September 2017, and was inspired by UB3R Bot. Back then the bot just had .fm, the charts, featuring and .fmyoutube. Frikandel joined in when he had the idea of .fmfriends, but was too lazy to make his own bot. Together they moved the bot from text files to an actual database, and the quality of the code has greatly improved since the start.