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Country commands

Countries are sourced from MusicBrainz.

To enter countries, you can either enter the full name or the 2 letter ISO code.


Shows a list of you or your friends top countries over a certain time period.


  • Time period - Time period of your top countries. Defaults to weekly
  • Billboard - Show recent changes in your top list in a billboard style
  • User - Select another user by mention, Discord ID or username (lfm:username)
  • Mode - Response mode. embed or image

Time periods:

  • weekly, monthly, quarterly, half, yearly or alltime. (w, m, q, h, y or a)
  • Also supports year/month timeframes: 2023, Mar 2020, August



.topcountries billboard

.topcountries weekly @user

.tc alltime @Voaz bb

.topcountries monthly lfm:fm-bot

.country (.from)

Shows country information for your current artist or your top artists for the country you're searching for.




.country Netherlands

.country Mac DeMarco