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Become a supporter

.fmbot is open-source and free to use. Optionally you can get supporter to help support the development of the bot and receive the following extra features and benefits.

Free Supporter
Help us pay for hosting, development and other costs
Added friends limit 12 18
New Personal automatic emoji reactions with .userreactions
Custom fm footer options 4 8 + 1
New Use the AI .judge command up to 25 times per day and on others
First listen dates in artist, album and track
Years and listening time overview in stats
Artist Discoveries and months in year
Higher chance of getting featured on Supporter Sunday
Supporter badge ⭐
Chance to sponsor bot-wide charts
Your name in the supporters command
Exclusive role and channel on our Discord with sneak peeks of new features
Cached scrobble history Up to 1.5y Lifetime
Cached artists Top 4000 Unlimited
Cached albums Top 5000 Unlimited
Cached tracks Top 6000 Unlimited
Cached Discogs collection Last 100 Unlimited

Thank you to all our generous supporters.

Frequently asked

Why a supporter program?

In order to help us pay for hosting, fund development and deal with other expenses we've added a way for people to donate. In return for your support you get some cool exclusive perks.

We're dedicated to making sure the bot remains free and independent. That's why most supporter features are simply features that are nice but would be difficult to roll out to everyone. For example some of the extra statistics require us to store your full listening history, which would be difficult to do for all our users.

By getting supporter you help us to be able to spend more time working on new features and fixes, which in return improves the user experience for everyone.

What is OpenCollective?

OpenCollective is like Patreon, except for open source projects. It's also more transparent and easier when working with multiple people.

They manage our funds and allow us to focus on development while they handle the financial side of things.

OpenCollective relies on Stripe to handle their payments, which is one of the worlds biggest payment providers. You can read more about their security here.

Can I see where my money goes?

Yes! We use OpenCollective which means that our finances are fully transparent.

If you go to the budget category on our page it's easy to see where the money comes from and where it goes.

Can I cancel or change my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel a recurring contribution at any time. To do so, go to OpenCollective and sign in. After signing in go to 'Manage Contributions' where you can change your subscription.

I just bought supporter, what now?

Join our Discord and create a thread in #help. A staff member will apply it to your account as soon as possible.