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Genre commands

Genres are sourced from Spotify.

To view a list of all Spotify genres, you can use the website


Shows a list of you or your friends top genres over a certain time period.

Parameters (Can be used in any order):

  • Time period - Time period of your top genres. Defaults to weekly.
  • User - Mention another user or use their Discord id.
  • Billboard - Show recent changes in your top list in a billboard style

Time periods: weekly, monthly, quarterly, half, yearly or alltime. (w, m, q, h, y or a)



.topgenres billboard

.topgenres weekly @user

.tg alltime @drasil bb

.topgenres monthly lfm:fm-bot

.genre (.g)

Shows information for your current genre or your top artists for the genre you're searching for.




.genre electro

.whoknowsgenre (.wg)

Shows who in your server listened to a genre you're searching for.


  • Genre - A genre you want to search for.




.wg hiphop

.whoknowsgenre techno


Shows top genres for everyone in your server.


  • Time period - alltime, monthly or weekly
  • Sorting - listeners or plays



.servergenres a p

.servergenres alltime plays

.servergenres listeners weekly