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Genre commands

Genres are sourced from Spotify.

To view a list of all Spotify genres, you can use the website


Shows a list of you or your friends top genres over a certain time period.


  • Time period - Time period of your top genres. Defaults to weekly.
  • User - Select another user by mention, Discord ID or username (lfm:username)
  • Billboard - Show recent changes in your top list in a billboard style

Time periods: weekly, monthly, quarterly, half, yearly or alltime. (w, m, q, h, y or a)



.topgenres billboard

.topgenres weekly @user

.tg alltime @drasil bb

.topgenres monthly lfm:fm-bot

.genre (.g)

Shows genre information for your current artist or your top artists for the genre you're searching for.




.genre electro

.genre Mac DeMarco

.whoknowsgenre (.wg)

Shows who in your server listened to a genre you're searching for.


  • Genre - A genre you want to search for.




.wg hiphop

.whoknowsgenre techno


Shows top genres for everyone in your server.


  • Time period - alltime, monthly or weekly
  • Sorting - listeners or plays



.servergenres a p

.servergenres alltime plays

.servergenres listeners weekly