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Importing your music history

The bot uses by default for all your music data. We now also offer a way to import your listening history from Spotify and Apple Music and combine that together with your scrobbles.

The bot will adjust your stats on the fly and dynamically add your imports on top.

This feature is only available for .fmbot supporters. Dont have supporter yet? Get it here.

/import manage

Allows you to manage your imports and pick the source for your playcounts.

You can pick between the following modes:

  • Use only
  • Full imports, then Use your full import history and add afterwards
  • Imports until full Use your import history up until you started scrobbling

To delete your imports from .fmbot, switch to the option and use the provided button.


/import manage

/import spotify

Allows you to import your Spotify streaming history in the bot.

Shows the instructions on how to get started if you attach no files. These instructions are also listed below.

This command only supports the 'Extended Streaming History' package. You can either upload the to import everything at once or upload each .json file separately.


/import Spotify

Using Discord on your phone?

Discord mobile currently has a bug where it might return Not a valid value. Please try importing your files through Discord desktop. We've reported this bug, sorry for the inconvenience.

Requesting your files from Spotify

  1. Go to your Spotify privacy settings
  2. Scroll down to "Download your data"
  3. Select Extended streaming history
  4. De-select the other options
  5. Press request data
  6. Confirm your data request through your email
  7. Wait up to 30 days for Spotify to deliver your files

Importing your data into .fmbot

  1. Download the file Spotify provided
  2. Use the /import Spotify slash command and add the .zip file as an attachment through the options
  3. Having issues? You can also attach each .json file separately


  • We filter out duplicates, so don't worry about submitting the same file twice
  • Spotify files includes plays that you skipped quickly, we filter those out as well

/import applemusic

Allows you to import your Apple Music streaming history in the bot.

Shows the instructions on how to get started if you attach no files. These instructions are also listed below.


/import applemusic

Requesting your files from Apple

  1. Go to your Apple Data and Privacy
  2. Sign in to your account
  3. Click on Request a copy of your data
  4. Select Apple Media Services Information
  5. De-select the other options
  6. Press Continue
  7. Press Complete request
  8. Wait up to 7 days for Apple to deliver your files

Importing your data into .fmbot

  1. Download the file Apple provided
  2. Use the /import applemusic slash command and add the .zip file as an attachment through the option
  3. Having issues? You can also attach the Apple Music Play Activity.csv file separately


  • Apple provides their history data without artist names. We try to find these as best as possible based on the album and track name.
  • If Apple sent their data in multiple parts, only one of them has the data we need. You can ignore the other parts.

Frequently asked

Why would I use importing?

Importing helps your music history be as complete as possible. Most people have been using streaming services like Spotify before they signed up for, which means they don't have their full history.

Importing helps you combine your full history together with your current data for the best .fmbot experience.

You get to keep your original listening timestamps added together with how long you listened to each track for more accurate listening time stats.

The import command keeps saying my files are invalid.

For Spotify we only support files from the 'Extended streaming history' package. You can try uploading the or attach each .json file separately.

Still having issues? Please open a thread on our server.

It's adding less plays to my .fmbot account then expected

Try switching modes with the /import manage command. This changes how your imports are combined with your scrobbles.

If you want to dive deeper, use the .importdebug command. You can also filter this command to a specific artist.

How long does it take before Spotify sends my data?

Spotify sends their files out in waves. For the extended streaming history package they usually do this once every 3 weeks.

Apple Music sends your file within a week.

My Apple Music imports are too big for Discord, and I don't have Nitro

Try putting the Apple Music Play Activity.csv file in a .zip and using that.

If it does't work or it's not possible, you can also try in our support server which is boosted and has a higher file size limit for everyone.

Does importing in .fmbot add scrobbles to my

No, imported data only shows in the bot. No scrobbles are added to your

What happens if I cancel my supporter subscription?

Importing in .fmbot is a service that adjusts your stats on the fly and adds your imported plays on top. If your supporter subscription expires, this service is no longer available and the bot will only use your stats.

Your imported plays are however saved and will be available again if you resubscribe in the future.

Are platforms other then Spotify and Apple Music also supported?

At the moment we only support Spotify and Apple Music.

  • YouTube music exports are unfortunately too inconsistent in their artist and track names, so support will not be added.
  • Listenbrainz export support is planned and will be added in the future.

Want a different platform to be supported? Open a help thread in our server. It helps if you have a data export ready for the developers, so that way they can test a possible integration.

Each platform should have some way for you to request your listening data. This is legally required in Europe, California and various other places around the world.

Can I change or delete my imports?

See the /import manage command.

What data from my imports do you store?

We only store the following information:

  • Artist name
  • Album name
  • Track name
  • Time played
  • Length listened


Imports contain personal data like your IP address and username. Never post your import files publicly.